Friday Flats on is a marketplace for short-term rentals. Friday Flats offers two service models, which is why it differs from competitors like Airbnb. 

  • The Independent Model means you list your flat for free, welcome your guest, and take care of cleaning. Friday Flats provides the platform and makes sure they money transfer is safe and convenient. The service fee is 3 % per booking.


  • In the Premium Model you list your flat for free, but from this point on you outsource everything to Friday Flats, which then accommodates your guest and makes sure you have a clean home to return to. The profit is divided somewhat 60/40 between you and Friday Flats.

Friday Flats is the only peer-to-peer lending site in the world that takes care of the renting process for the hosts. 


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Send an email to veli-pekka[at] in case you're interested in the popular Premium Model.

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