Hints for guests

First-time hosts should read through our hints for guests.



It is possible to manage and monitor your Independent properties’ payments in our online service. Guest payments will be available in your Friday Flats account two days after the booking begins. Payments can be made to your bank or PayPal account of choice by making withdrawals. Accommodation returns for Premium properties will be paid out to you according to the Premium agreement.


Property management

When listing your property, the details are often entered very quickly. It is, however, worth it to update the profile later on, with better photos, a more accurate description, or an upgraded feature set. For technical reasons, properties cannot be completely deleted, but you can un-publish or archive a property (which makes it impossible to restore). Premium properties will be managed by our team.


Property features

A good accommodation experience is made of various small factors. Travellers often expect the same sort of features that they have at home. It’s not necessary to empty all of the cupboards and closets, but please make sure that your guests have some shelves’ worth of room for their things.

This is a checklist that makes the property’s feature set easy to update before a booking begins:

-Linens: sheets, large towel, small towel
-Kitchen: dishtowel, dish soap and brush; dishwasher tablets (if the property has a dishwasher), rubbish bags, paper towels, baking sheets, coffee filters (if the property has a coffee maker)
-Hygiene: toilet paper, liquid soap, laundry detergent (if the property has a washing machine)
-Cleaning: mop and bucket, cleaning towel, small brushes, general detergent, toilet cleaner
-Maintenance: extension cord, spare light bulbs, spare batteries for alarms, remotes etc, spare fuses