The basic idea of Friday Flats is to encourage people to rent out their flats. Hotels don't provide enough variety for every accommodation need - for example families tend to find it more comfortable to stay in a house than in a small hotel room that doesn't allow cooking. In addition, the accommodation capacity is limited especially in smaller towns. Tourism is going through some major changes. Travelers are looking to skip the tourist attractions and make their experience as authentic as possible. Therefore, staying at a local's apartment is something to look for.


Sharing is caring 

The sharing economy refers to a common or communal economy: consumption, use and production. People also speak of collaborative consumption. Essentially it means that technological progress has created new social systems for the exchange of materials and skills. The trend central to the sharing economy is a cultural change, where the access has risen over ownership. If a car is needed more on a weekly basis than daily, it may be wiser to share a car with a neighborhood than to buy your own.

Friday Flats is a new online network, where private citizens can rent out their homes or cottages to others in an efficient and simple way. If you are on vacation away from home, you can rent your home out and earn some extra income; an empty home isn't beneficial to anyone. City dwellers may wish to escape to peace and quiet of the countryside for the weekend, while those living in the countryside may look forward to tasting the city life. Change is refreshing, and the sharing economy makes change possible without requiring commitment or large investments.


How is Friday Flats different from its competitors? 

Friday Flats has acknowledged that often property owners don't have enough time to take care of the accommodation process. Sometimes the owner travels abroad and is simply not able to clean the apartment between guests. Hence, Friday Flats offers a Premium model that allows hosts to outsource all routines regarding the accommodation. The model is most profitable when the property is available for at least two months at a time.

Please feel free to contact in case you'd like to find out more about the Premium model.