As you know, workforces are moving around the globe to serve clients more than ever before. This has led to huge growth in the need for flexible, local project accommodation. There is no use to build permanent capacity as the need is only temporary.

Project workers are coming to your town and they will need a roof over their heads. 

Do you have spare rooms in your house or would you like to rent out your home while you're on a holiday? Short-time rental business is extremely popular these days as it's profitable and you don't have to make long-term commitments.

Lease your apartment safely and with no hussle!

We offer you two letting models: Independent or Premium.

In the Independent model, you are the host. We take a 3% commission off the daily price you yourself set. From a taxation and regulation perspective, you are the landlord, with full responsibility for income or capital gains taxes as well as possible VAT. Taxation policies vary by country and can change over time.

In the Premium model, we take care of the day-to-day details of being a landlord (pricing, marketing, key management, customer service and cleaning), so that you can concentrate on what’s important to you. We charge 30% of the accommodation return (guest fee after expenses).

Why rent out with us?

Friday Flats is owned by Nordics biggest accommodation provider, Forenom. Forenom works with many companies having projects around the Nordics, so, you can get your property booked from Forenom’s customers working on the project in your town! We are familiar with the business and want to offer you our expertise so that you can make extra incomes with your property.


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