Are you going on a trip or do you own a house or flat as an investment? Now you can make your property generate income without taking part in the rental activity itself. The Premium model offered by Friday Flats distinguishes it from other services offering peer-to-peer rental. Renting out your own property is always permitted.

Go on a trip, for example - Friday Flats will take care of your property

In the Premium model, you don't have to worry about the tidiness of the property, handing over the keys or changing sheets.

The Premium model includes

  • Cleaning of the property before the guests arrive
  • Receiving the guests and handing over the keys
  • Instructions on the use of the property and household appliances
  • Going through property-specific rules with the guests
  • A final inspection and cleaning

The roots of Friday Flats are in Forenom, which has supplied accommodation for a decade. Our skilled staff takes care of the properties of the Premium service.

How much is it possible to earn with the Premium model?

We charge 30% of the revenue from the rental. The revenue means the amount that is left over when the expenses resulting from the accommodation activity have been covered. In practice, you get about 60% to your account of the amount that the guest pays for their accommodation.

The Premium model contains no risks. If your property is left unrented for some reason, you will not be charged anything. The best thing is that in the Premium model you can genuinely make money without spending your time on rental activity.

We will keep you up to date constantly on the accommodation situation of your property, wherever you are in the world. The earnings are transferred to your account once a month.

We market your property on your behalf

It is also our aim that your property makes as much money as possible. Therefore, we market your property on your behalf. Through our network, your property gets widespread exposure when people around the world look for accommodation in your area.

This is how you begin the Premium peer-to-peer rental

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