Why stay with Friday Flats? There are many, easy answers – how you see it depends on the options you are considering.

We believe real homes are better than hotels. Traditional renting does not usually work, if you’re only staying for some weeks or months. Short-term renting can be a good option when you’re on assignment, displaced by renovations or while vacationing in your home country or abroad.

We have also noticed that the peer-rental market also suffers from a lack of availability on periods that are longer than one week, especially in cities. Short-term reservations make the property schedules fragmented for many service providers. That is why we have focused on availability in longer periods. You can often find a place to stay through us, even during events that seem to cause every location to be fully booked.

To book your accommodation, you will need a Friday Flats user profile and a credit card or PayPal account. To create your profile, you will need a profile photo, a phone number, an e-mail address or a Facebook account.


1. Use the search bar to find the property you want.

2. Book a property
Once you have decided on a property, send a booking request. The host should respond within 48 hours. If the booking is confirmed, you will receive the host’s contact details. You will only be charged once the booking is confirmed. Is a property is marked as instant booking, you do not need to wait for the host’s confirmation.

3. Travel
Before your trip, contact your host and agree on the arrival details. After your trip, remember to leave a review!

Welcome home!