Friday Flats is a peer rental service where individuals can let their homes for short periods of time. With us, short means anything from one night up to a year.

To owners, we offer options: you can choose to host yourself, or to leave the practical details to us. Rental apartments can be included in Friday Flats, but only if you have a sub-letting permission from your own landlord.

For guests, we have a motto: Beat the Hotel Blues. We believe real homes are better than hotels. Friday Flats can be a second home while you’re on assignment. Your own place might be under renovation. You may want to vacation in another town. Or to have a local perspective abroad. Humans have always been curious – it’s interesting to see how other people live, be it your neighbour or someone father away!

Friday Flats was first founded in Estonia, in 2013. We are now headquartered in Finland, and with our partner, Forenom, we are the leading home-like accommodation service provider in the Nordics. We also provide accommodation outside of the Nordics.