It might be stressful to think how your flat should be prepared for a Friday Flats guest. Here are a few professional tips to help you clean up your flat. Make sure your guest visits again!

1. Smell speaks louder than a thousand words.

We all know that pheromones play a significant role in first impression. Homes are no different than human beings. Remember to wipe the floors after vacuuming and get rid of all the dust. In addition, it's wise to air out your whole home so that it's more pleasant for your guest to arrive. In case you're a huge fan of fragrancies, make sure they're not too strong to cause any allergic reactions. You can also freshen up the room visually - open curtains allow the light to pass through.


2. Kitchen is the heart of the home.

Kitchen reflects the overall atmosphere of your home and its tidiness affects your guests experience in a major way. Pay attention especially to the sink, fridge and garbage can. You might get a bit blind to dirt if it's been there for a long time but remember that your guest visits your home for the first time. Door handles, light switches and chairs might be all full of dirty fingerprints. You might want to consider treating your guest with a small welcome gift - some fresh coffee beans, a basket of fruits or a chocolate box is a sure way to put a huge smile on your guest's face.

3. Make your living room guest friendly. 

Technology is the last thing we want to fight with on a holiday. Therefore, leave clear instructions for your guest so that (s)he will be able to enjoy your TV without having to read the whole manual. Keep in mind that your guests won't feel comfortable walking into a living room where it looks like that someone just woke up from their nap. Make sure that the sofa pillows are nicely arranged. In addition, it's a good idea to hide most of personal belongings so that there's more space for your guest.

4. Sweet dreams, dearest guest. 

When you change the bed sheets, make sure you make the bed neatly. Finishing touches like decorative pillows might not be your first priority on a daily basis but they really make a difference to your guest. Consider copying a hotel routine and leave a candy on a pillow - it's all in the details. Make sure that there's enough space for your guest's belongings in the wardrobe. The less personal stuff you leave behind, the easier it's for the guest to get comfortable.

5. Always keep the toilet lid closed.

Whether you had a tiny toilet or a huge bathroom in a luxurious house its cleanliness truly makes a difference. After cleaning it's good to make sure that the mirror is streak-free. Dry and shine the faucet with a micro-fiber cloth. Remember that it's easier for your guest to maintain the cleanliness when all the cleaning supplies and tools are close.