Many of us have traveled to various holiday resorts in Europe, but have you ever considered the exotic Dubai?

From a village of Bedouin traders to a prosperous metropolis, Dubai has undergone an amazing transformation over the past few decades.

Whether you're a lover of beach holidays or a cultural traveler, you won't be disappointed with what the city has to offer. The impressive mosques and markets bursting with craftsmanship products offer cultural variation amidst relaxation on sandy beaches that stretch out for miles. Known as the city of superlatives, everything in Dubai is done in a huge and extravagant fashion - Dubai is home to the tallest building in the world, the world's only seven-star hotel and the world's largest shopping mall!

There are things to see and do for a long period of time, so the traveler should cut their budget in the one place where they can - accommodation.

Friday Flats offers accommodation options from four-bedroom villas to stylish single-room apartments, starting from 154 €/night. Our options include the following, among others:

  • A separate villa for accommodating a large party
  • A single-bedroom apartment in a tower building with a breathtaking seaside view
  • A single-room apartment for two near a beach