Lately it's been widely discussed how tourism is rapidly growing in Finland. Now the phenomenon is, however, getting a whole new boost as the world's largest online store Alibaba is bringing 50 000 Chinese tourists to Rovaniemi in 2017. Alibaba's Marketing Director Chris Tung commented: 

"We could bring even a million tourists to Finland but the user experience would be damaged. I'm serious. As a Marketing Director I know that it would be possible for us, but not wise. 50 000 people can be brought to Rovaniemi area as long as we co-operate with the local businesses."  (HS 10/2016)

How to create more accommodation capacity? 

There are about 60 000 people living in Rovaniemi so accommodating 50 000 tourists can be seen as a real challenge. In the future more investments can be made to build more hotels but 2017 comes all too soon. According to the Director of Friday Flats the answer is in utilizing the current capacity better.

"There are thousands of empty homes and cottages every day that people don't need themselves as they're traveling for work or pleasure. People just haven't realized that you can actually rent out your own home, even for just two days at a time." 

Welcome to Finland

Finland is willing to work together as a nation and make tourism bloom. Via Friday Flats and Airbnb private people can rent out their homes short-term and make sure that tourists get unique travel experiences. Did you, for example, know that in Finland most homes have their own saunas and some even outdoor hot tubs? Yeah, life is pretty great in the Nordics.


outdoor hot tub

This amazing villa is located in Southern Finland. Book from here.