1. Copenhagen or Stockholm are often chosen from among the holiday sites of the North, even though Helsinki is just as near. Compared to other European sites, Helsinki is a magnificent and young city of the North.
  2. Helsinki is easy-going: It’s easy and quick to get to – even to those coming from a distance. For instance, the flight time from Europe to Helsinki can be even shorter than the time it takes to get to Stockholm. There is a rail connection from the Helsinki airport to the city centre and to all the surrounding areas.
  3. There is a lot to do and see in Helsinki – both for couples and for families. Start by looking at TripAdvisor's most popular sites and at the future events on the visithelsinki pages.
  4. Friday Flats is your place for home-like lodging. A relaxing and economical alternative for the more costly hotels.
  5. Helsinki’s living standard is in a class of its own. For once, experience, eat and shop with style. For instance, you can order restaurant food from Wolt straight to where you are staying.

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